Football Mom Ready To Press Sublimation Transfer

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Design by Scout and Rose Design Co.

This listing is for a PHYSICAL PRODUCT this is not a digital download. This item will be shipped to you.

Adult Size 8.5" x 11" Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer. All Transfers ship 3-4 business days from the date of purchase. Transfer may be turned on paper to ensure you get the largest size that can print on the Transfer Paper. The size is an approximation and will vary slightly depending on the design. If you have any questions about sizing, please email

There are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on Sublimation Transfers. However if you receive a misprint or cut --or-- have any customer service questions after you receive your product please email

By Purchasing this listing you agree to the information and terms as follows and you understand that there are NO Returns or Exchanges on Sublimation Transfer Orders:

Once your item has shipped and is confirmed in transit by the USPS please contact the USPS for any customer service issues regarding shipping.

Colors MAY vary slightly from the listing photo you see due to the device capabilities. 

Scout and Rose Design Co is NOT responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Make sure you are using the correct material in an acceptable color and the proper press settings/press time prior to pressing your transfer. You must use a heat press to use Sublimation Transfers. We do not recommend using an Easy Press or Domestic Iron.

Transfers are made using the highest quality sublimation printer ink and sublimation paper to ensure you end up with the best quality finished products with applied properly. Each transfer is good for ONE press.
You may also use transfer on materials specifically coated for sublimation (ex. coaster, mug, ornament) OR garments with a minimum of 50% polyester blend.

When using a Sublimation Transfer on a Garment, make certain it is 50% polyester or higher OR IT WILL NOT Transfer properly. For best/brightest color result, use 100% polyester count items. Understand that the lower the polyester count, the lighter the transfer will be/less ink absorbed into the fabric during application. For example, using a tee with a 50% polyester blend will result in a faded/vintage look.

Sublimation Transfers will NOT work on 100% cotton material. If you attempt to use the Transfer on anything less than 50% polyester your image will not be visible

Sublimation transfers MUST also be applied on light-colored garment items only (white, very light gray/white are best). Transfers will NOT show up on dark-colored garments. Sublimation does not have white ink, so where there is white in the design it will become the color of the garment you apply transfer to. For best and truest transfer results, use white 100% polyester items.

It is possible that when applying transfers to a thinner fabric or using a transfer with heavy coloring, the dye could pass through to the back of the shirt. For this reason make sure to put a thin sheet of Parchment paper or Butcher paper in between the layers of your shirt.

Pressing instructions:

  • Heat press to 400 degrees
  • Use medium/high pressure
  • Place a piece of parchment paper between garment layers to prevent ink bleeding through back of your garment
  • Pre-press your garment 5 seconds to remove moisture
  • Cover sublimation transfer with a second piece of parchment paper. Do not use a Teflon sheet.
  • Press transfer for 60 seconds
  • HOT peel