Scout & Rose Design Co Printed Transfers Extended License - Waterslide Prints, Sublimation Prints, Screenprint Prints, Iron On Prints

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This Extended License gives you the permission to sell our designs as Printed Transfers.

Do I need this Extended License for my Small Business?

Are you interested in selling Printed Transfers using Scout & Rose Designs? Then this License is for you!

Examples of Printed Transfers are the following products that you print at home and ship to your customers to use at home:

  • Screen Print & Plastisol Transfers
  • Sublimation Transfers
  • Waterslide Decals
  • Craft Iron-On Transfers
  • Printed HTV Transfers

This listing is for the license only, you will need to purchase designs separately. You can use this license in conjunction with the purchase of or member download of ANY Scout & Rose Digital Design including SVGs, Printables, & Fonts.

By purchasing this listing you are bound to the terms below and by purchasing you acknowledge that you understand the following terms:

  • This License is for Unlimited Small Business Use
  • I can not sell purchased design digitally in any way (unless the design is a part of one of our Designer Digital boxes)
  • I can not share or giveaway this Extended License or any design in any way
  • I can not represent nor claim the artwork as my own design copyright remains the property of Christy Williams dba Scout & Rose LLC
  • Christy Williams dba Scout & Rose LLC gives me (the buyer) the right to sell Printed Transfers.
  • In the notes at checkout or in a message to our Facebook Business Page here buyer will include the following information: Buyers Name, Buyers Business name, Email Address, Website(s) to where the designs will be sold, Facebook Groups/Facebook Business Pages, Private or Secret Groups. Christy Williams dba Scout & Rose LLC must be added to each group you operate your business under. We keep a data sheet of all Extended License holders.
  • Buyer must report any updates to Scout & Rose Design Co. if the buyer decides to sell on another Marketplace, Website, Platform, or Printing Service.

Failure to abide by this agreement of the "Extended License for Printed Transfers" will immediately void the license and no refunds will be given. Additionally if you are caught selling Printed Transfers without a license and you are a Scout & Rose Member your Membership will immediately be VOID and no refund will be given.

Due to the nature of the products NO REFUNDS will be given on Extended Licenses or Digital Products.

This License Does NOT Include the ability to Sell on Print-on-demand sites/services or use for Embroidery Digitizing. We have separate Extended Licenses for each and all must be purchased separately.

What Permissions do you have for the use of Scout & Rose Digital Designs & Fonts?

You MAY:

  • Add Text to any of our designs and sell as Physical Printed Transfers.
  • Take Various Elements of our designs to make a unique Printed Transfer Design to sell as PHYSICAL printed transfer.
  • Print Unlimited Transfers under the terms of this Extended License.


  • EVER sell, gift, or share any of our artwork or altered designs as a digital product.
  • Alter a design & claim it as your own.
  • Upload any of our designs to any Print on Demand or Sharing Sites or give a Print House or Graphic Design Studio any of our designs to Print for you unless you purchase our Print-On-Demand License in our Extended License Category
  • Copy or Create a similar design in an attempt to get around the purchase of this Extended License.